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Private Dental Price List

These are treatments considered clinically unnecessary by the Government. If you wish to have them they will have to be provided by us to you on a private basis at the current prices, which are subject to change without notice. Once a course of treatment has commenced, we will not raise the prices as long as the course of treatment is completed within three months.

A full estimate and treatment plan will be given to you in writing before treatment commences (after your initial consultation).



Examination including simple scale


Scale and Polish


X-Rays (small per film)














Glass ionomer





From £250.00 to £400.00 per unit

Post and core

From £50.00


From £300 per unit

Ceramic Inlays

From £250.00



From £300.00


From £150.00

Full Dentures upper/lower

From £500.00


Upper and lower arch- including trays

From £300.00

Single arch

From £150.00

Additional syringes


Single tooth bleaching


Mouthguards - child


Mouthguards – adult


Treatment plans may vary as treatment continues. In these cases new estimates will be provided in writing to the patient and you will be informed by the dentist of the alterations. This may be whilst you are in the surgery and in the middle of treatment so it will be impossible to provide you with a new written estimate before the treatment is performed. In this case the dentist will tell you the additional cost, gain your consent to continue and make a note on your clinical treatment records. If you are unsure of anything at any time, please ask your dentist, nurse or reception for more information. It is important to us that you understand your treatment and the charges.